Oak Harbor Freight Lines


These fields display the information pertaining to our splits with interlines. This information is also listed in the Interline Payable screens in more detail, (see link below).

There are 2 rows of data here, the first relates to the Prior carrier, (IL from) and the second relates to the beyond carrier, (IL to).

The first piece of data is the SCAC  for the carrier. Next is the Zip code interchange point that the split will be based on. The next field is the interline carrier's freight bill number. The final field is for the Port of entry, (this field is rarely every used as we don't typically rate bills to or from other countries).

In our example we have 2 fields populated, the SCAC is DAFG and the interchange point is 60804. Dayton freight is the beyond carrier in this case.

To learn about the Interline Payables Inquiry screen go to the interline payables menu.