Oak Harbor Freight Lines

BBC Code Code Description BBC Code Code Description
AD Appt. Set-up only DVB Vehicle Breakdown - Delivered
AR Delivery Appt. Required DWC Will Call - DELIVERED (PICKED UP)
BA Bad Address E ETA - for EDI Only
BC Business Closed EB Eastbound Freight
CD Collect On Delivery (NOT AVAILABLE) EE Entered In Error
CDI Consolidated Delivery by Interline HB Held @ Break Terminal
CL Trailer Closed for EDI Only HD HOLIDAY DELAY
CO Driver Cut Off HT Held at Origin Terminal (Unknown)
CP Consignee/Shipper Postponed Delvry. HZ Incompatible Hazmat
DAD Appt. Set-up only Delivered IB In Bond
DAR Delivery Appt. Required -DELIVERED ID Irregular Delivery Area
DBA Bad Address - Delivered IT Incompatible Trailer
DBC Business Closed - Delivered LL Late Line Arrival
DC Delivered Clear LR Lift Gate Req'd
DCD Collect on Delivery - Now Delivered ML Mis Load
DCO Cut Off - Delivered MR Mis-Routed Freight
DCP Consignee/Shipper Postponed-Delived ND No DR Returned w/ Manifested Bills
DD Delivered Damaged NF No Freight
DEB Delivered Eastbound NH No One Home Residental
DF Discarded Freight NP No Receiving Personnel Available
DHB Held @ Break Terminal - Delivered NR Non-Revenue Shipment
DHT Held at Origin Terminal - Delivered OH On Hand
DHZ Incompatible Hazmat - Delivered OT Over the Road - for EDI Only
DI Delivered To Interline PC Poor Road Conditions
DIB In Bond - Delivered PL Pilfered
DID Irregular Delivery Area -Delivered PR Partially Refused
DIE Delivered Interline-Exception PRD Partially Refused--Damaged
DIT Incompatible Trailer - Delivered PW Poor Weather Condition
DLL Late Line Arrival - Delivered RC Reconsigned
DLR Lift Gate Req'd - Delivered RF Refused
DML Mis Load - Delivered RM Refused, Missed Appt.
DMR Mis-Routed Freight - Delivered RTS Returned To Shipper
DND No DR Rtn'd w/Manifested Bills Del. SP Spot Trailer
DNF No Freight - Delivered ST On Strike
DNH No One Home Residental - Delivered STS Sent to Salvage
DNP No Receiving Personnel Available Dv TR Trap Trailer Freight
DNR Non-Revenue Shipment - Delivered TS To be Returned to Shipper
DO Delivered Over UE Dispatch for P & D - EDI Only
DOD Left On Dock - Delivered UL Unable To Locate
DOH On Hand - Delivered VB Vehicle Breakdown
DPC Poor Road Conditions - Delivered WC Will Call
DPW Poor Weather Conditions - Delivered
DRC Reconsigned - Delivered
DRF Refused - Now Delivered
DRM Refused, Missed Appt. - Delivered
DS Delivered Short
DSP Spot Trailer - Delivered
DST On Strike - Delivered
DTR Trap Trailer Freight - Delivered
DUL Unable To Locate - Delivered