Oak Harbor Freight Lines




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Partner / interline       

Carrier SCAC Type Ip Phone web address
Dayton Freight DAFG P Lorelei 800-860-5200 www.daytonfreight.com
Lynden Transport LTIA I Tami 253-926-7200 www.ltia.lynden.com
Manitoulin Transport MANI I Lorelei 800-461-1168 www.manitoulintransport.com
MTS (Mergenthaler transfer) MRGQ P Michaela 406-256-7725 www.Mergenthaler.net
New England Motor Freight NEMF P Lorelei 315-689-3306 www.nemf.com
South Eastern Freight Lines SEFL P Lorelei 800-637-7335 www.sefl.com
Van Kam Freight Lines VKMF P Lorelei 604-205-9814 www.vankam.com
Wichita Southern Kansas Transport WSKT P Lorelei 800-879-9758 N/A
Simplified Express SIPF P Michaela 602-258-4955 N/A
ABF ABFS I Tami 800-452-3758 www.abfs.com
AC Freight ACFS I Tami 800-655-0618 N/A
Alaska Marine Lines AKML I Tami 206-763-4244 www.lynden.com
Applegate Drayage Co. APDC I Tami 775-358-5515 N/A
Atech Warehousing APKI I Tami 707-526-1910 www.atechdist.com
American Fast Freight AFFH I Lorelei 253-680-2518 www.americanfast.com
Becker Trucking BETR I Tami 206-246-9500 www.beckertruckinginc.com
Carlile Transportation KWTR I Tami 253-874-2633 www.carlile.biz
Central Freight Lines CENF P Michaela 800-233-9226 www.centralfreight.com
Central Transport CTII I Michaela 586-939-700 www.centraltransportint.com
Click Express CKXE I Tami 800-431-6407 N/A
Coast To Coast Distribution COCO I Tami 800-899-8123 N/A
Crescent Truck Lines CRNT I Tami 800-471-3171 N/A
Dawes Transport DAWI I Tami 414-362-6920 www.dawestransport.com
Daylight Transport DYLT I Michaela 800-468-9909 www.dylt.com
Deer Park Auto Freight DPAF I Tami 509-276-6798 N/A
DHX DPHI I Tami 800-488-4888 www.dhx.com
Diamond Lines DLDS I Tami 866-933-8733 N/A
Eagle Transport Services EGTE I Michaela 800-820-8883 N/A
Express it EXQI I Tami 775-337-1757 N/A
F&M Transfer FANM I Tami 509-452-7757 N/A
Fedex Freight VIKN I Tami 800-845-4647 www.fedexfreight.fedex.com
Friday Harbor Auto Freight FRID I Tami 800-562-3245 N/A
GI Trucking GITC I Tami 714-523-1122 www.gi-trucking.com
Gilbert West Inc. GILW I Tami 800-406-5507 N/A
Golden Chariot GLDT I Michaela 619-226-1344 N/A
Hartsell Trucking HRSE I Tami 530-244-4228 N/A
HOC Express HOCE I Tami 316-838-4663 N/A
Hogland Transfer HOGT I Tami 206-624-3000 www.hoglands.com
Honolulu Freight HLFS I Tami 206-622-0955 www.hfsnet.com
Jerry Lipps Trucking LIPS I Tami 573-335-8204 www.jerrylippsinc.com
Keytrans KEYT I Tami 907-277-6536 N/A
Lopez Island Freight LIFC I Tami 360-468-4818 N/A
MC Freight MCFS I Tami 800-663-1004 www.mcfreight.com
MGL Trucking MGLV I Tami 775-738-6560 www.mgltrucking.com
Mid States Express MSXN I Lorelei 800-250-5082 www.midstatesexpress.com
Midstate Freight MSFR I Lorelei 509-662-7770 N/A
Midwest Motor Express MIDW I Tami 800-741-4097 www.mmeinc.com
Motor Cargo MTRG I Tami 800-356-6208 www.motorcargo.com
Mountain America Shippers MASA I Tami 801-973-7900 N/A
Mountain Valley Express MTVL I Michaela 800-448-9378 N/A
Northland Services NOSE I Tami 206-763-3000 www.northlandservicesinc.com
Old Dominion Freight Lines ODFL I Lorelei 800-432-6335 www.odfl.com
On Time Transportation OTMO I Michaela 800-889-8623 N/A
Orcas Island Auto Freight ORCA I Tami 360-376-2303 N/A
Panko Services PANK I Tami 250-768-5340 N/A
Pilot Air Freight I Tami 610-891-8100 www.pilotair.com
Pro Express PROO A Michaela 800-227-1203 N/A
Pt Roberts Auto Freight PTAF I Tami 360-676-1174 N/A
Puget Sound Transfer PSTS I Tami 360-452-2327 N/A
RAC Transport RACP I Tami 800-877-0381 www.ractransport.com
Ram Nationwide RAMN I Tami 513-821-0010 www.ramnationwide.com
Rath Trucking RATH I Tami 800-824-7818 N/A
Rics Transfer RICS I Tami 206-622-0550 N/A
Roadrunner Freight RDFS I Tami 800-831-4394 www.rdfs.com
Roadway RDWY I Tami 330-384-1717 www.roadway.com
Shaw Island Auto Freight SIAF I Tami 206-468-2288 N/A
Sierra West Express SRAW I Tami 775-355-9595 www.sweinc.com
Southern Alaska Forwarders SAFW I Tami 206-467-0413 N/A
Span Alaska Consolidators SPAN I Tami 253-395-7726 www.spanalaskaconsolidators.com
Stewart Stiles Trucking STST I Tami 503-357-8238 www.stewartstilestruckline.com
TP Freight Lines TILL I Tami 503-842-2574 www.tptrucking.com
UW Freight Line UTAWB I Tami 800-221-1318 www.uwfl.com
Vashon Trucking VASH I Tami 206-463-9803 N/A
Watkins Motor Lines WWAT I Michaela 800-284-4544 www.watkins.com
West Arm Truck Lines WEAR I Tami 80-363-9274 N/A
Western Pioneer WSTP I Tami 206-789-1930 N/A
White Bear Transport WBEA I Tami 559-266-1020 N/A
Yellow Freight System YFSY I Tami 503-289-8800 www.myyellow.com
Zip Express ZIPX I Tami 616-772-5405 N/A
California Southland Transport CFHD A Michaela 909-684-2690 N/A
Davis Freight DVFR A Michaela 435-628-6850 N/A
Eagle Global logistics EAGL A Michaela 800-955-4005 www.eaglegl.com
Fast Way FAWY A Tami 800-531-9351 N/A
Grangeville New Meadows GNMA A Tami 208-983-1402 N/A
L & I Distribution LIDS A Tami 208-362-2923 N/A
O'Fahey SDS Motor Freight OSMF A Tami 253-476-9165 www.ofahey.com
Salmon River Stages SALG A Tami 208-775-4966 N/A
Spokane Transfer Co. SPOK A Tami 509-535-7636 N/A